Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where is everyone?

It's quiet in the house when I wake up. (Too quiet!) Why don't I hear the kids racing around downstairs playing mountain lion (we went to the zoo the other day)?

Hmmm...I come downstairs and see the note.

"I took the kids to the movies. Enjoy some time alone!"

Oh, he is good! What will I do with this time?

I could...
--do the laundry
--clean the kitchen
--write my lesson plans

...but instead, I will grab my book, get comfortable on the couch, and revel in the two hours of quiet to do whatever I want!


  1. How wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your time alone.

  2. Good for you! Reading is wonderful when it is quiet! I sure could use a good book right now! Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)

  3. A book sounds like the perfect choice! What a good husband!

  4. When you have spare time, read. Housework will always be there, time to read won't. I hope you enjoyed your time.