Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post-is Interrupt-is

We've come home from school and dealt with the snack issue (my kids are always starving after school) and I sit down to work on my post (it's 5:20).  I start thinking about what to write, when...

"Mom, I need some help on my homework."

Get up, check on the math homework, give a few suggestions, come back to the computer (it's 5:40).

Just about to start typing when my husband calls to say he'll be late and can I get dinner started (he always cooks since my idea of making dinner is pouring cold cereal).

Get things started and in the oven and sit back down to the computer (it's 6:10).

The phone rings.

It's my sister and her husband just got back from his deployment, so I answer.  As we talk, she tells me she needs some help on an application. But now it's time for dinner, so I tell her I'll call her back (it's 6:35).

We eat dinner and I come back to the computer (it's 7:00). But I decide to call my sister, because, as she said, it "should only take a minute."  At 7:30, I tell her I need to get the kids in bed and I'll call her back.

Go upstairs and have my kindergartner read to me (love listening to him read!) and read to him. Tuck in my daughter.

Come back downstairs (it's 8:10) to my oldest son and husband practicing fencing moves.

Remember I need to call my sister back. As we're finishing up and getting the computer issues straightened out, my daughter comes down to say she can't fall asleep (she has the worst allergies right now) and can I come up and snuggle with her (it's 8:50).

Go back upstairs and stroke daughter's hair until she falls asleep (it's 9:10).

As I'm walking downstairs, get a text from a good friend that she needs to chat and can I call her in 20 minutes.

Decide that there is no way I'll be able to get any uninterrupted time tonight, so I'll just brush my teeth, get in bed and call my friend back.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take the laptop into the bathroom with me, lock the door and not come out until my post is done!


  1. o-I know those days! Congrats, you got a post up anyway. Amazing what we can do in small moments. Tomorrow just lock the bathroom door and take a hot bath. You can always post in the small moments.
    I hope you can relax tomorrow.

  2. I miss the days of my children being little and "underfoot," miss those bedtime reads, but, I don't miss that frazzled feeling you are having! I remember it well. I am impressed that you got this post out - and written with complete sentences to boot...give yourself a pat on the back!