Monday, March 12, 2012

Fabulous Friends...

Friends are wonderful things. They will do things for you even when, sometimes especially when, they don't really want to.

My sister and I have started a business that is super small right now and we're sloooooowly gaining some momentum. She mainly writes the blog on our website because she doesn't work full time, and I take over during vacations to give her a bit of a break. We don't get tons of comments on the blog, or sometimes any comments. So since this is my week to write (while I'm on spring break), I sent out an email to all of my friends to ask them to check out the website and blog this week and leave me comments (I'm getting spoiled from writing this blog and having people leave such lovely and thoughtful comments!). I already had two friends leave comments this morning, and one of them passed it along to one of her friends who was doing something related, and now that person is going to link our website to hers!

Another one of my friends sent me an email telling me that she will make it a point to comment every day, which I know is difficult in her busy schedule!

It is so nice to know that you have a core group of people that you can ask for favors and they will come through for you, no questions asked. What a spirit booster! I feel lucky today!

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  1. Friends are true friends when they step up even if they are busy. Lucky you!