Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old friends...

How can it already be 9:30 at night and I still have so much school work to do? I guess it's because we spent the day with our friends going to the zoo, the kids showing them our school, and going out to dinner. It has been so pleasant being with them. Our friend, Andrea, was our nanny for seven years--four when we were overseas, and three when she lived with us in the States when we came back for my husband to go to school. She is part of our family, and we haven't seen her since last June when she returned to her country to wait for her fiancee visa to come through. It finally did and she and her fiance are driving out to California and stopped here for two nights.

We had such a great day, with the kids interrupting each other to tell her and show her different things about our new life in Texas, until it was just about time for bed. Then my youngest, who has such a special relationship with Andrea since she has taken care of him for his whole life, melted down because she was leaving tomorrow. Even though we'll see them in June for their wedding, he just sobbed and said he didn't want to wait until then. It just about broke my heart, because I know how much he loves her. Luckily, Andrea came through as usual and decided to put him to bed and read him a bunch of stories and then snuggled with him, talking with him until he fell asleep. I think it soothed both of us.

Now, I'm going to put off doing the rest of my work so I can go and look at Andrea's wedding dress with her. My work will always be there, but this is something I definitely don't want to miss!


  1. What a wonderful reunion! Work will always be around, precious moments with special friends don't come often enough.

  2. How fun! I love how Andrea read books and snuggled with your youngest. Special memories. Glad you put your friends first; work can wait.