Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Big Laugh...

Sometimes I have to remind myself to smile.

I think I'm generally kind of a serious person and I'm not good at witty repartee (except inadvertently!). When I'm not smiling, apparently, I can look a little angry (yikes!). When I took my senior pictures in high school, the photographer asked me for a "serious" look. I told him it wasn't great for me, but he insisted, so I did. "Don't ever do that again," he said. So I remind myself to smile, or at least to mini-smile, so I look friendly!

But I love a good laugh. Any kind, really, and there are lots of things that crack me up. But I was thinking today about the really big kind where your stomach hurts, your eyes are watering and your cheeks feel like they might crack from stretching. And wondering how often I have those kinds of laughs. And I think it's not as often as it should be, since right off the top of my head, I can only think of three specific times, where I had that kind of laugh (although I'm sure there are others, right?).

I wish I could convey in my writing how funny it was when, as kids, my sister and I tape-recorded ourselves making up commercials (the "new steel-pocketbook" one was especially hilarious). Or when my mom and I went for a run when traveling in Scotland, through fields of cows, eyeing them warily. When they began moving toward us, my mom had us run through a creek, since, as "everyone knows, cows don't go in water." And then the next day, we saw at least 5 cows standing mid-deep in a lake. Or how, late at night a few months before we married, my fiance and I were talking about alternate careers, and he mentioned "master puppeteer" and went into a detailed description that was so funny, it makes me laugh even now. And then the night before the wedding, he gave me homemade finger puppets of a bride and groom. Sooooo funny!

But I know that probably reading this, you're thinking to yourself, "Hmmm...I'm not totally seeing this." Which I get, since I know I've laughed politely when someone was telling me something they found so hilarious.

I guess we all have our own laughter triggers. I want to make sure that mine is ready to release more frequently!


  1. I may not have belly laughed at the moments that made you laugh, but I couldn't help but smile at the cows that 'don't go in water.' I can see the look on your face and your mom's face at the wading cows. I know I take life too seriously some times. I share your desire for more Big Laughs. Here's hoping we both keep an eye out for the funny stuff of life.

  2. Laughter is such a gift. Without the ability to enjoy a good belly laugh, and to find the humor in life, I don't know where I'd be. Even more precious are those moments you can laugh about with those you love (and the stories you tell each other over and over). I can just imagine you or your mother mentioning the word "cow", then you catch each other's eye, and immediately double over laughing. No one else understands, but it's your inside joke. For my family, it's the name "Tim" for reasons that no one else would understand or find funny, but it unites us. Enjoy those moments.

  3. First -- welcome to the Angry Face Happy Heart club! I've found that I can look much nicer by lifting my eyebrows a little while talking to people. Not too much though, or people think they've scared you. :D
    Second -- I totally laughed when reading your cow and puppet stories. Too much fun!!
    Third -- here's my most embarrassing laughter trigger, one that my whole family has recently figured out: I laugh (LONG AND HARD) (with much snorting) (too my utmost shame) at every.single. bad joke ever told to me. Seriously. The ones kids tell and you just stare blank faced for a moment before remembering you must laugh to be kind? Yeah. I'm falling over with delight.

  4. It's always great to have a good laugh, and sometimes we really need it. My mom, like you, can spend a bit too much time on the serious side. Luckily, my brother and I have a few jokes that get her laughing every time.
    Have a lighthearted week!