Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The sun'll come out...

So, we went to see Annie, Jr. today as a second grade field trip. So much fun, and the production was terrific. But then we got back to school, and several of the parent chaperones unloaded on me about not being able to wait in the commons to leave in the morning (because it was state testing) and about having to watch 4 (!) kids for 10 minutes when we got back (because they had left early and we had to wait to make sure that everyone was accounted for in their cars). And then I just feel like I've been trying to work with my class all year to be kind and respectful to each other, and it just feels like we haven't gotten anywhere, and then seeing the parents this morning made me feel like I understand why, but the upshot is that I am very discouraged today.

I feel like we should be in that time of the year where we are able to enjoy each other and the things we're doing more but instead, I feel like I'm still in the first six weeks of school and have been all year.

I don't think it helped that we came back and had to eat lunch in our rooms because we'd missed lunch in the cafeteria and we had to eat almost silently because testing was almost finished but not quite and we'd missed all of our specials for the day so I had to grab a passing teacher just to run down and grab my lunch and take a quick bathroom break before having everyone for almost four more hours!

Oh, woe is me! Ok, I do really have some perspective on this, and know that things could be worse. So, I am going to try and take to heart the words from the inimitable Annie's theme song, "Tomorrow," have a martini, and call it a night.

After all, it is only a day away.


  1. Some days are like that, full of frustration and aggravation. But a martini just might make it all better. Enjoy!

  2. A Quote from Alexander's mom, "Some days are like that." I understand your frustration and exhaustion, though. Here's hoping during teacher appreciation week, those same parents come through.

  3. Those days are SO exhausting! I hope you got some good rest last night, and that you woke up ready for a new day and a new start today! May today bring much more joy than yesterday. :)

  4. Parents+field trip+stress+state testing= YIKES! May tomorrow be an excellent day, as you tuck today into the back of a file drawer!